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New Products
744 Conversion Kit For The SV 650
Suitable for both "Street and Race Engines".
SV 650 Big Bore Kits Include:
  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Wrist Pins
  • Clips
  • Gaskets
  • Instructions
  • Machining Included
"100 plus horsepower in race bikes!"
"85 plus horsepower in street bikes!"

Zlock Racing has introduced a new 744cc conversion kit for the Suzuki SV 650.  The kit has been extensively track and dyno tested with excellent reliability.
Substantial performance gains throughout the powerband, especially in midrange acceleration.  Performance figures range from 85 plus horsepower in street bikes to 100 plus horsepower in race engines.
The kit includes sleeves, piston kits, gaskets, machine work, and instructions. All machine work is done on the customers cylinders or cylinder exchange.  Available for $990.

SV 650 New Parts

New  Pistons
82mm & 83mm forged pistons. Lightweight, new technology slipper design.
Sizes: 82 & 83mm
Price: $150.00
Forged, lightweight, slipper design technology
SV 650 Big Bore Kit
New  Valves
Oversized one piece stainless steel valves.
Intake size: 32mm
Exhaust size: 26.5mm
Call for prices
SV 650 Valves
New  Springs & Retainers
Racing valve springs sets are Japanese manufactured with progressive wound oval wire springs.
Call for prices SV 650 Springs & Retainers
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